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Imagine that you are on a flight. A flight from Delhi to Chicago. Cruising at 35000 miles, 50000 feet above sea level, and crossing the Atlantic. Suddenly the plane starts to rock, a voice comes over the speakers, “Good afternoon ladies and gentleman, this is your captain speaking. Unfortunately we have run into turbulent weather, and it’s likely to last another 20-25 minutes. But not to worry everything is under control. Please return to your seats and fasten your seat belts.” After a short pause the speaker springs to life as the voice comes back, “I’m your captain, and by the way I happen to be blind.” 5 years ago Miles Hilton Barber flew a twin seated aircraft from London to Sydney. He happened to be blind.

It was nearly 25 years ago that our CEO, Mr. George Abraham visited a school for the Blind in New Delhi. What he saw there shook him to the core. The services were poor, the facilities were sub-standard and the curriculum was watered down. He asked some of the teachers about the future of those children. The reply was prompt and delivered in a monotone, as if it was pre conditioned response. “Some of them make it to university; many of them fall by the way side.” That is when George realized he was fortunate, for he was born into a family where his parents saw his potential and invested in him. Gave him a great education, and equipped him with all the skills to succeed in life. That day George made a decision. To take time out of his life to do things and work with people like himself, people who were visually impaired. He gave up a job with an advertising company and started taking up freelance jobs on the side. And thus, Score Foundation was born.

There are over 16 million blind and 28 million visually impaired people in India who are often marginalized. They are not given equal education opportunities, career opportunities or social standing as their sighted counterparts. In fact, they are often perceived as lesser beings. Due to a lack of access to information, they are unable to lead fulfilling, independent, economic and socially productive lives.

But it has been seen time and again that the human mind is hard wired to adapt. Evolution is as old as time itself and given a chance, blind people have proved themselves in various fields time and again. However, despite having proved themselves from time to time, the world still thinks that the visually impaired are good for nothing, and hence they themselves think they are good for very little.

So we decided to change the mindset of people and in the process change the conversation related to Life with Blindness. Blindness should never come in the way of your life, and at Score, we believe that the problem is not with the eye, but the mindset. And it is the mindset that we strive to change through our various activities under Project Eyeway.

Eyeway is a one-stop knowledge resource about living life with vision impairment. Using knowledge we inform, inspire, & thus empower. We reach out to people through our following channels: Helpdesk, Radio Show, Website, SMS Alerts, Workshops/Seminars, and Talking books.

Every Blind person in our country is a potential resource and they need to be invested in. They have the potential to become independent, contributing and fully functional members of society.

However In spite of the provisions of the Indian Penal System and the constitution, visually impaired people are regularly discriminated against, and often denied their rights. We regularly receive calls on our helpdesk about such issues. So far, we had been counselling and guiding such callers to the best of our abilities. But we realised that we need to undertake large-scale sensitisation and awareness building activities to make systemic changes. And thus, we decided to take our efforts to the next level and even the playing field by initiating and being part of advocacy campaigns.
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